Joining a reality TV juggernaut like I'm A Celebrity is daunting for any talent at the best of times, and for stage and screen actress, Ruthie Henshall, it was an opportunity she wanted to do with a PR team behind her that she could trust 100% to manage her interests. We guided Ruthie through media training, crisis management, profile interviews and breaking news stories, as well as working in tandem with her agent to ensure the best outcome for future work. Our brief was also to start from scratch in terms of her social media profile, and we engaged a specialist agency to work with us on all her platforms, covering best practices, content creation, building audience, engagement tactics, handling Trolls, fakes, and securing verification. Ruthie used a profile interview we secured with the Mail, (in which she discussed her late mother), to springboard on to a national media campaign, "Rights for Residents", lobbying Government for new laws guaranteeing care home access in COVID and better living conditions.